About Us

Finding the right fit for your needs.

Who are we?

Gary D. Harger is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University School of Law.

Having relocated to Austin in 2012, Mr. Harger is a former judge who maintains an active Mediation,
Arbitration and Special Judging practice while sitting as an assigned, visiting judge throughout the
3rd Administrative Region. He is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal

Among his accolades, he is a past President of the Texas Association of County Court at Law Judges
Association, as well as having been appointed by the Texas Supreme Court to serve on the Judicial
Committee for Information Technology and the Shared Solutions Summit Faculty. He has served as
a legislative resource attorney and as an advisor to the Texas Legislature, the Supreme Court’s
Judicial Council, the Task Force on Indigent Defense, the Access to Justice Education Subcommittee
on Self-Represented litigants and the Texas Remote Interpreter’s Project.

Mr. Harger is a participating member of the following professional organizations:

State Bar of Texas
State Bar of Texas Judicial Section
Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists

What We Do

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation and Arbitration are Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes in which individuals work through neutral third-parties to reach agree solutions. Facing increasing costs and the uncertainty of taking a case to trial, mediation and arbitration have become favored methods for litigants to resolve their disputes.

The benefits of ADR over litigation are proven and clear. You will:
• Save both time and money.
• Avoid delays, continuances and crowded dockets.
• Provide greater certainty in the result.
• Incorporate mechanisms for resolving future disputes.
• Work to tailor a solution that better fits your individual needs and circumstances.

With over 30 years of legal experience across thousands of cases, Judge Harger brings a unique skill set and perspective to the ADR process. As a former prosecutor, solo practitioner, adjunct law professor and Judge, he offers his clients a direct, no nonsense approach to problem solving.

A successful ADR process is far from easy – it takes not only the hard work and commitment of the mediator and the lawyers involved, but also a desire and willingness to resolve disputes between the parties. The creativity and problem solving skills he has developed through experience, both on and off the bench, set Judge Harger apart from other ADR practitioners.

Special Judging
The Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code, Chapter 151 provides for “Trial by Special Judge.” This is a procedure where the parties agree, with the trial court’s approval, to hire a qualified private judge to determine all or part their dispute.

Some of the advantages of a Special Judge are:
• Select a Judge with the qualification to hear your case;
• Avoid crowded court dockets, multiple docket calls or standby status;
• Prepare for trial only once, knowing that your case will be heard at the date and time scheduled;
• Expedite the trial through the use of stipulations of facts and exhibits, reducing witnesses;
• Knowing that the pleadings, stipulations and exhibits have been reviewed in advance of trial;
• Multiple prove ups can be scheduled for a single session at counsel’s office; and
• Parking congestion and security delays can be avoided.